Protect Your Property From Tree Damage

Residential and commercial tree removal services headquartered in Louisburg, North Carolina, and serving Youngsville, Wake Forrest and the surrounding areas.

If a tree is threatening to or has damaged your property, call Woodchuck Tree Service, Inc. immediately. We’ll visit your home or business ASAP to assess the damage. You can trust our crew to climb or use our bucket truck to cut down and get rid of your trees safely.

Your yard will look better than ever once we’ve removed hazardous trees. Call 919-497-5544 now for emergency residential or commercial tree removal service headquartered in Louisburg, North Carolina and serving Wake Forest and the surrounding areas.

4 reasons to remove your trees

4 reasons to remove your trees

Waiting to get your trees removed could cost you a fortune if they damage your property. You should reach out to Woodchuck Tree Service if:

  1. A hurricane or other strong storm has knocked over your trees
  2. A tree is leaning too close to your home or business
  3. Tree limbs are dangling near your roof
  4. Your trees are sick or dying

Hire our crew to keep your home or business safe from tree damage. Contact us ASAP to schedule preventive tree removal service in Louisburg, North Carolina.